What is Neuro Physiotherapy?

STSNeuro Physiotherapy is a specialist strand of Physiotherapy that solely works with people who have suffered trauma or disease to their brain, spinal cord or nerves. This neurological damage may leave people with symptoms like weakness, lack of coordination, poor sensation or reduced control in their movements. Neuro Physiotherapy aims to help people with neurological damage re-gain functions they have lost or improve the way they move. Research shows that with the right sort of practice and guidance, people can re-learn movements they couldn’t do after neurological damage. The ultimate aim of Neuro Physiotherapy is to improve someones independence.

Have a look at our Blog post for the science behind Neuro Physio and why it works:

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What does a Neuro Physiotherapist actually do?

Because no two people with neurological damage are the same, there is no single treatment technique that will make everyone better. However, we know that the brain and nerves, are capable of recovering after damage, by making new connections. Neuro Physiotherapists encourage these new connections to be made by assisting people to do movements and tasks so the brain has the opportunity to ‘re-learn’ them.

Neuro Physiotherapy may involve hands-on guidance of limbs, tapping or squeezing muscles to encourage them to work harder, stretching muscles to allow for a better position, or correcting ‘compensatory’ movements the body learns after neurological damage. All of these things encourage the brain to ‘re-learn’ normal movement patterns.

A Neuro Physiotherapist may also suggest exercises that encourage normal movement for you to do at home, when they are not there. Depending on the difficulties someone faces the physiotherapist might recommend things like:

  • Core stability exercises to improve control in the trunk and arms and legs
  • Balance exercises to improve stability when sitting, standing or walking
  • Strengthening exercises to improve the power in particular muscles used for day to day tasks
  • Stretching exercises to improve the alignment of muscles and limbs so that they can move in a more normal way

Does Active Neuro do anything differently?

Active Neuro offers hands-on, active neurorehabilitation. Research shows that getting people moving is essential for improvement after neurological damage. It helps joints and muscles stay supple and strong, and helps people stay physically fit. We take a pro-active approach to helping people get moving, whatever their abilities, to help them reach their physical potential.

Being active makes you feel good, and we want to help you be more active in every part of your life.